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Uber Exec Shares The Best Advice He Received While at Stanford Business School


Story provided by Business Insider – 

During two years of business school at Stanford, I wrote down the best advice from our professors and lecturers.

This advice is from my favorite teachers and lecturers, including Andy Rachleff, Mark Leslie, Irv Grousbeck, Joel Peterson, Eric Schmidt, and many others.

Admittedly, a lot of this is focused on technology industry, but much is generally applicable. Thought it might be interesting to others.

And, here is some good final advice (from Joel Peterson):

“Appreciate the people you work with, take care of your investors, celebrate successes along the way, communicate lavishly — good news and bad news, tell the truth, don’t try to maximize everything, and stop to smell the roses. Life is pretty short and most of what really matters doesn’t happen at the office.”