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“How Should I Introduce You?” Derek Mitchell and Shawn Williams


Derek Mitchell and Shawn Williams

Derek Mitchell is a Hampton University graduate who is an executive at a minority owned financing firm. He structures leases and loans for energy projects, Technology equipment, and other essential projects for municipal governments. More importantly he is a father and husband who likes to absorb good energy and spread it to people and organizations he admires most. He is also an avid golfer despite his scores not reflecting it 😆

Shawn Williams is an only child of a single mother, a faithful husband for over 16 years and father of 2 that he couldn’t imagine life w/out.  He is the owner of Fortis Mortgage and has spent over 15 years helping individuals and families obtain mortgage loans. 

Shawn believes in giving without expectations and is an active volunteer with several non-profit organizations, serving on numerous boards and committees. He has coached basketball for several schools and club teams, and enjoys (used to 🤣) golfing, reading and spending quality time with his wife and children. Shawn hails from central Virginia and holds a B.A., in Communication, from George Mason University.

This conversation was based around balancing family life with professional growth, trust for Black people in the financial industry, and the love they both have for golf. It was an interesting conversation that I hope you all will love to watch unfold.