"How Should I Introduce You?"

“How Should I Introduce You?” Marc Johnson and Shanel Anthony

Marc Johnson – strategic communications expert working agency side in NYC. Born in DC and grew up on 3rd and Jefferson NW. Father of a one-year old.

Shanel Anthony – Family migrated from Sierra Leone in 1970. Petworth DC born and raised. Played football at Dematha High and Bryant University. Worked in healthcare for past 15 years. Current Sales manager at Medtronic. Husband and recent father of 2. Believe if you want to go far, you go together. 

We had a great discussion about leveraging the urban experience and how to use the savviness of navigating city streets and translating that to Corporate America. Fatherhood and the importance of the father role was a recurring theme in this conversation. Both Marc and Shanel both provide stories about their dads having awareness and wisdom and how their dads implemented those attributes in real situations. We also talked about success, leadership, and how to stay grounded. I hope you all enjoy the conversation!

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