The video above was created to illustrate my thoughts on creating this site as well as the movement to get folks inspired and informed. I want this site to be a go-to location for people who are dedicated to taking their dreams, profession and passion to the next level. It is my hope that people connect with other good people as a result of seeing the dreamers and entrepreneurs that are featured on the site. I want people to say that their business expanded as a result of readers contacting them following their business being showcased on the site. I want venture capitalists to say that they reached out and invested in a business featured on the site based on it being showcased in such a great fashion. I want a person with a great idea to receive help from other readers as a result of being showcased on the site. I want to feature people throughout the country on the site. I want to take trips to visit businesses in other places. This is only the beginning!

I was reading a book called “Where Good Ideas Come From”. There was a reoccuring theme in the book. There was this concept that the author spoke of that caught my attention. The author stated that an idea is never completely owned by one person. Somehow, another person has the final piece(s) to the idea that you have in your mind. And the only way to get this idea off the ground is to connect with other people. Sometimes it takes ideas years to come to fruition. But when they do, it’s often because of the contribution of an additional mind in the brainstorming process. “Chance favors the connected mind” is the theme. The video above describes this concept in detail.