DC’s Young Professionals Unite to Aid DC Homeless Youth

4.9.13 Covenant House

On April 12, 2013, more than 50 young professionals in government, business, media and sports will sleep out overnight in Southeast, Washington during Covenant House Washington’s inaugural Young Professional Sleep Out to support the city’s homeless youth. An alternative to the usual happy hours and nightlife events common to D.C.’s young professionals, this event will allows participants to engage with homeless youth and support this ongoing and critical issue.

This event is happening in several locations across the country. A few of the D.C. participants were gracious enough to share why they are participating in this honorable event.

4.9.13 Dominique Broadway

Dominique Broadway; Financial Planner & Personal Finance Coach, DominiqueBroadway.com & Finances Demystified – @MsFinanceCoach

“I am sleeping out so that our homeless youth do not have to.  I think that it is also important for us to experience what these youth have to deal with every night so that we can spread the word and bring awareness to this very serious issue.”

4.9.13 Tiffanie Wagner

Tiffanie Wagner; Public Relations, Founder & Principal of  Esinahs Media – @TiffanieWagner

“I’m sleeping out because I know what it is like to not have a place to call home. My mom was single with 4 kids (My little brother was a baby, I was in middle school and my two sisters were in elementary school) when we were homeless. I remember being late to school literally every single day, being sent to the principals office and having to come up with yet another excuse as to why I was late. After starting each day in the administrative office I’d deal with my peers making fun of me for always wearing the same 3 outfits.  Although I never had to experience sleeping outside or on public transportation, I do know what it is like to lose everything including your dignity at a young age. By participating in this event I am doing my small part to make sure the doors stay open for all who need them. Sleeping out won’t end homelessness but this is just the beginning of a long road towards a solution.”

4.9.13 Vildana Sunni Puric

Vildana “Sunni” Puric; Radio Personality, WPGC 95.5 – @SunniandtheCity

“Growing up in refugee camps, I identify with homeless youth and look forward to showing them that the entire city is to help them.  I know that spending one night in the streets won’t compare what homeless youth endure on a daily basis, but it’s a step in the right direction to make sure that young professionals in the city are working to end youth homelessness city-wide.”

4.9.13 Rodney Rikai

Rodney Rikai;  TV personality, CW 50’s “Direct Access” – @RodneyRikai

“I’m sleeping out to spread awareness and give public support to the homeless youth in DC. Traveling around DC, I am often alarmed and emotionally disturbed by the amount of people in their 20s and younger who are homeless. Sleeping out with Covenant House is a great way to support them, and hopefully be a step toward eradicating the problem.”

4.9.13 Patrice Cameau

Patrice Cameau; Communications Consultant, patricecameau.com – @PatriceCameau

“I think it’s easy to forget that many of us are just a paycheck away from being in uncomfortable and unfortunate circumstances.  We get wrapped up in our careers, personal lives, social circles, and often take our blessings for granted.  It’s about much more than sleeping outside – it’s about coming together and working to fight an epidemic in our city and hopefully be a blessing to someone else.  I pray that this Sleep Out is just the beginning of a long tradition of young professional uniting and using their influence to support those who are in need.”

The fundraising goal is $30,000. The marker is currently at 83% of that goal. The participants need help and you still have time to donate. Go to the site by clicking here. You can scroll down, choose any participant and donate a financial contribution on their behalf. More importantly, it is on behalf of homeless children and teens across the country! 

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