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Nurturize is a platform for classes – simplifying the way we search, book and take a class. Instead of googling and browsing through multiple websites spending hours to find the right class, Nurturize will be the one stop comprehensive portal for wide range of classes. It was when Rehana Shrestha literally spent hours browsing websites, emailing and calling providers to find the class for her daughter that best fit her schedule and commute, she realized the gap that existed. She knew other parents are facing similar challenges, and she wanted to make searching and finding the right class painless. Rehana figured that people could spend so much more time with their loved ones if they were spending less time searching on the internet. This could also allow all of us to have more time to ourselves to nurture our potential and discover new passions.

With easy to navigate and search by the class and filter the result by Date, Time, Location, Price, Review Rating, Age Groups, then Book online at the click of a button – it’s quick, easy, and efficient. Nurturize will be offering wide range of real-world skill based classes in creative education, science and technology for kids to adults. The mission is to create a better community by teaching, learning, sharing and supporting our young generation.


Rehana was gracious enough to talk about the habits of entrepreneurs, the support system for those starting businesses and how her venture will help less fortunate children get an opportunity to take classes for free.


What motivated you to start this venture? What’s the story behind Nurturize?

I strongly recall the pain and trouble I went through searching classes for my daughter, which need not be necessarily repeated by any one – parent or individual. So with the intention to help others, I am building the platform that would ease with the class finding experience.

Give us your two-minute elevator pitch to potential investors. 

Nurturize is a learning platform for educational content. We aim to deliver an invaluable educational resource that is useful to students of all age groups. Whether you are looking to excel in Organic Chemistry, looking for a little help in Calculus, or looking to be a certified Web Developer, we leverage subject matter experts to provide you these skill sets. Simultaneously, we are creating a platform for experts to show case their talent by teaching, sharing, and supporting to create a better community.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far? How have you overcome this challenge?

Managing resources: This is one of the most important lessons I have learned as an entrepreneur. Since I am bootstrapping the company, I have limited budget so I should control and manage the available resources. This will minimize the capital I am required to raise, reduces my burn rate, and extending the amount of time I have to get through the inevitable problems.

What advantages will users have by using Nurturize over established sites like living social or groupon?

Instead of goggling, scanning multiple sites, and spending hours to find the right science, technology, and creative education classes, Nurturize will be the one-stop comprehensive portal to provide these classes for all age groups. Because a portion from every sale is going to sponsor kids who otherwise would not have a chance to learn, you are making a difference in those children’s lives.

What habits should entrepreneurs practice and work on consistently?

-Organize and Prioritize: There are million things that you can do so you have to be able to organize and prioritize the work so the day can be spent wisely and you can be productive.

-Learn, learn and learn: Make time every day to learn new things, meet new people, and expand your network.

-Surround yourself with the right people: Create an environment from your team, friends, mentors, advisors who life you higher and support to create the positively around you.

Your site allows users to give reviews and blog about classes. Are you worried about comments (especially those that are negative) getting out of hand? 

Reviews, good or bad, are good. They will allow us to know what our customers are thinking and saying about our product and service. In this market, information travels million miles per hour so we would rather know the issue. Issues can be fixable and we will address any issue raised in a professional manner.

You and I connected on DC Tech Meetup (Tech Startup Message Board). What are some of the needs of startup CEOs that can be fulfilled by joining incubators, meetup sites and social media?

By joining incubators, startups CEO have access to mentors, media and hopefully investors. They provide distinct competitive advantage to help support founders with ideas on a local, regional and global basis. You can fast track a business idea while boosting network contacts. We should leverage the meetup network and community to learn and share ideas.

A portion of your proceeds will go to children. As a result, children will be able to take classes for free. How did you come up with that idea? In today’s business world, philanthropy and business are crossing paths more often. Talk about the connection between business and philanthropy.

There are millions of children in the United States that can’t afford to go to school. As a mother of two young kids, I realized the value of teaching and encouraging my kids for their development and growth. Because educating and encouraging our young generation to take part in science, technology and creative education fields to prepare them for high-tech careers, I made it my mission to create a company that could positively impact those lives. A portion from every sale will be set aside to sponsor kids to learn those skills to become a better citizen of the country. “Learn with Purpose” as every person is making a difference in helping the future of our country. No child should be left behind to learn.

What’s one free idea that you’d be willing to give away?

Do not give up The thought of starting a business can be daunting. Add to that, kids, work and other responsibilities and you add mounting pressure. However, we have to understand that this is our passion, and it matters, and we will always be able to find better ways to manage things, so never give up on your dream.


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