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Corelynx, Inc a Sillicon Valley based company started the journey as an Open Source based Enterprise Product Development and Services Company. , Corelynx focuses on next generation technology areas: CRM software, Cloud computing Architecture, Open source software development, ERP software, Mobility. Corelynx, the company has success to deliver their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in the field of Investment Banking, Merchant Funding, Entertainment, Credit Repair and Real Estate. At present, Corelynx is going to launch new version of their CRM product, which is known as “ConvergeCRM”.

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Manash Chaudhuri and Ms. Shampa Bagchi. Manash is the CEO of Corelynx Inc. and Shampa is the CTO of Corelynx Inc.

When should a business consider ERP or CRM tools to assist in product and revenue growth?

CRM and ERP solutions are essential for businesses irrespective of their sizes. It is the business that can decide best about its business application requirements. For any business, its contacts are the most important asset and CRM helps in managing contacts and creating order. So, that useful insight can be extracted from those to offer better service and support to the customers. CRM is required to manage both contacts and activities. It helps enterprises to introduce better business structure and better follow-up strategy, which eventually will result in greater business volume. In a word, CRM puts a business on the right path of growth.

On the other hand, ERP is more essential for creating an integrated business platform. It is implemented in product management, product configuration and product manufacturing.

As a rule of thumb, companies selling more than ten products a time or have 2 or more configurable products will need an ERP solution for better business management.

As a person who is not very “techy”, the blogging feature on Corelynx stood out to me. I was able to learn through reading some of the entries. How has the blog helped with attracting business?

It’s great to know that you have found our blog an interesting read. Today every organization creates one or more blogs as a platform to directly interact with customers. It sometimes becomes the face of an organization. We have created the blog simply for the knowledge sharing purpose. Our aim is to educate our readers on overall CRM industry as well as on the various features of Converge Enterprise which they can use in multiplying their sales volume.

In my opinion, a blog helped us in building credibility amongst our users as well as created a social presence for us. We have plans to approach some of the CRM market experts to contribute to our blogs through their insightful posts. It will empower our users better. The blog has helped our business to grow by 4 times over the period and we look forward to contribute more towards user emancipation through our insightful posts.

I’ve attempted to operate with project management/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools on mobile devices. The experience is not as great as I’d like it to be. How far away are we from reaching major advancements in the mobile CRM arena?

We know, and that is one issue that tops our list of  things to do. Mobile CRM is the future of customer relationship management and we have already made advancements towards it. Even during yearly 2012 the numbers of mobile CRM applications were negligible. But it is now expected to grow by 500% by 2014. But so far what application developers did is actually shrinking the web version of the application to fit into the small screen of the mobile device. It either affected visibility or interfered with the app’s usability. But Converge Enterprise has taken a completely different approach in resolving the issue. We have actually created two apps – one for the web browsers and the other for mobile devices. We didn’t compromise with the features and at the same time offered better navigation.

Users experience of an application depends solely on content display and we have takes a unique approach to make the application readable and navigable even on smaller screen. Moreover, we have incorporated form factor technology to give unique user experience for different kind of devices.

Corelynx focuses on improving revenue with its services. But not every company or industry is measured solely on revenue. In particular, the health care industry comes to mind. That is an industry where time management and process management is considered to be as important as revenue. How can Corelynx help companies looking for process improvement and time management?

We understand that challenges faced by each business are different from the others. You have very rightly pointed at healthcare industry. Both timeliness and security play crucial roles in healthcare industry. Corelynx focuses on understanding the unique challenges faced by the business and accordingly offer solutions. We are working with infrastructure vendors who are HIPAA complaint and deliver all our application on a highly secured and encrypted layer. We understand that requirements for a healthcare institute will be different from that of an automobile company – when the first would look for solutions to manage patients the second needs application to manage dealers.

We help you in understanding how to best manage your business and let you introduce the best practices. Whether your requirements is to manage contacts, workflow or manufacturing we can customize our solutions to best meet your business goals.

Customizations vary among clients. How difficult is a project that involves customization if the leaders don’t truly understand their business? What are some management suggestions that you would give to entities in that predicament?

Corelynx approaches the predicament by offering relevant customization. And, this is where we are different from others. Most business application customization consulting firms would offer a list of customizations to companies without really trying to explain how they can benefit from those. But we take the opposite route. We first have a discussion with them about their business and then propose the customizations. This makes working easier and help model a better architecture which is highly flexible, scalable and can easily scale out as needed.

With our prior years of experience we are able to take lot of our experiences to the table when meeting a client. This creates a win-win proposition to be able to offer a better customized solution with lot of functionality at a reasonable price and with quick go-to-market capability.

How are you all working to maintain and grow your market share in an industry (cloud computing) that is expected to reach $36 Billion by 2015?

Yes, today cloud has huge potential but we have been deploying cloud enable, SaaS applications since 2006 – before the word ‘cloud’ became a household term. We implemented one of the very first enterprise level application on Amazon cloud setup back in 2007. Recently, we have become technology partners of Amazon and Rackspace which will enable us to deploy world-class cloud technology to our clients and help them introduce the power of cloud in the businesses.

Both Amazon and Rackspace are endorsing us as trusting partner for businesses related to cloud. We have the experience and expertise to SaaSify any platform to cloud.

Recently, we have turned to become a cloud evangelist by offering sessions and training opportunities to businesses and institutes to help them map their path in cloud enabled environment.

Corelynx is currently on the path of extending its technical know-how in building next generation cloud professionals who eventually will render their expertise to various industry verticals.

Give us the “elevator pitch” on why businesses need to consider Corelynx for its business development services.

Corelynx brings its strong background in development of sales, marketing, business process and cloud computing models for new businesses to help reach their goals more effectively with a proven architecture at a lower cost.




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