Should Tumblr Be A Part of Your Social Strategy?

9.4.13 Tumblr


The short answer? Yes.

Although Tumblr has been around for years, it’s a network many brands have overlooked. While the focus was on Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr has continued to grow.

Today Tumblr averages over 300 million monthly unique visitors, and has over 108 million active accounts.

Since being purchased by Yahoo! in May, Tumblr has been a constant topic of conversation. The potential for new advertising opportunities will have many brands taking another look at Tumblr. While more brands are likely to adopt, many others are already finding value.

“Tumblr is an important network for many of our clients,” said Ian Schafer, CEO and Founder of digital agency Deep Focus. “With an active and interested user-base, the opportunity there is huge.”

In our recent Tumblr study, we found that 31 of the Top 100 Brands are already on the network. Take a look at what a few of them are doing to connect with their audiences.


In the last 30 days, MTV has had its posts reblogged more than 500k times by more than 320k unique users. Content related to the VMAs earned MTV nearly ten times the engagement as the month prior.

Tumblr Blog Report MTV

MTV is connecting with users on Tumblr by creating content that gets shared outside of its own audience. Of the 504k reblogs it received, 440k took place on other users’ blogs.

The amplification of content should signal to brands that Tumblr is about more than followers. With highly shareable content, brands have the opportunity to quickly connect with users even before their own audience has been fully established.

MTV pic

MTV takes advantage of the creative freedom Tumblr provides by sharing a constant stream of images and video to capture America’s top celebrities in the moment. Tumblr gives brands a fresh approach to how they can deliver visual content.


You don’t have to be hosting the VMAs to have content that gets shared outside your network. Disney does an excellent job of posting content that captures users’ attention; it does this by bringing its characters to life.

Tumblr Blog Report Disney

 Disney uses Tumblr to bring its animated characters into our daily lives. Averaging just one post per day, Disney is able to connect with its fans. In just one month Disney posts were reblogged by more than 11k people.

Disney pic v2

The long shelf life of content on Tumblr means that content doesn’t have to be tied to current events, it can also be timeless.

Ralph Lauren

It’s not just visual media companies seeing success, fashion retail brands like Ralph Lauren are also getting traction on Tumblr.

Tumblr Blog Report Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has incorporated Tumblr into its overall social media strategy, averages two posts per day, and uses Tumblr complimentary to other visual content networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

Ralph Lauren is active on all three, and even provides a direct link from Tumblr to its Pinterest account.

Ralph Lauren v4

Part of what sets Ralph Lauren’s content apart on Tumblr is the way that its displayed. Full screen images appear on Ralph Lauren’s Tumblr blog providing a rich experience for the user and setting the stage for the brand to tell its story.

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Story provided by Simply Measured

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