25 Office Hacks You Need To Know

10.23.13 25 Office Hacks


Story provided by Linkedin (Written by IIya Pozin) – 


If you’re like me, you’re always on the search for the best way to simultaneously boost your productivity, stay organized, and expertly manage your time at work. Fortunately, there are a few ingenious ways to accomplish more at work on several different levels.

I’ve compiled a list of 25 office hacks you need to try today:

1. Sick of struggling to open heavily plasticized office supplies? Use a can opener to save you time and energy.





Wikipedia Commons

2. Use a variety of binder clips to keep the power cords around your desk untangled, organized, and out of the way. Attach the clips to your desktop or other surfaces and inserting the end of each cord to the silver looping structure.


3. Use twist ties, clawed hair clips, or any other small structure with clasps to organized your earbuds or any other kind of cords you have lying around. Twist the cord into a bun and place the clip at near the end of the cord.

Wikipedia Commons

4. Use a leftover bread tab to hold your spot on a roll of masking tape.



5. Who needs a tripod? Create a smartphone stand for hands-free video chatting or steady pictures by using an old cassette case.

Life Currents

6. Ramp up your online security by using non-English characters and letters in your passwords. You can create your own non-English characters using these codes or by copy-and-pasting.

Wikipedia Commons

7. When you’re looking for a permanent way to keep things in place around your office, try using Velcro strips.

Wikipedia Commons

8. Too many cords to keep track of? Color code them for easier use. Try using Perler beads, nail polish, or even colored Duct tape or washi tape.

Landee See, Landee Doo

9. If you’re staying late at the office and want to listen to the music on your smartphone, build a quick, cheap speaker using a toilet paper roll and thumbtacks.

May Richer Fuller Be

10. Beat a sweet-tooth craving by baking a small-portion treat using a mug and the office microwave.

Melissa_Adams; Keep Recipes

11. No time to iron your shirt? Hair straighteners make perfect collar or hem irons. Smooth out hard-to-unwrinkle areas with the straightening iron, and dowse the rest of your shirt with wrinkle-release spray.

Charmaine Manansala; Flickr

12. Clean a dirty keyboard by using a piece of clear tape to get between the keys.

Real Simple

13. Stay hydrated at work by labeling your water bottle with hours and water-drinking calculations.

14. Download Stay Focused, a browser add-on to keep you from drifting to time-wasting websites and losing focus when you’ve got deadlines.

15. Finding time to exercise can be a struggle. Get some exercise in at your desk by replacing your chair with a large exercise ball or creating a standing desk.

Ramsey Beyer; Flickr

16. Create a DIY charging station for your phone or other electronics to ensure they don’t create even more clutter on your desk or in your office.

Make It & Love It

17. Fix wobbly office furniture by using old CDs to avoid wobbles and protect the carpet. They also make great coasters.


Crafts By Amanda

18. Unsure of when the last pot of coffee was made at your office? Avoid this by creating a handy coffee timekeeper.



19. Create a chalkboard or whiteboard wall in your office using special paint. Now you’ll always have a place to jot stuff down.

Tim Owens; Flickr

20. Use a clear, hanging shoe rack to organize office supplies or any other important materials you’d like to find in one quick glance.

Free Stylin’

21. Never forget your passwords by using one of these handy apps.

Wikipedia Commons

22. Reduce stress and keep yourself focused by taking regular breaks. The FitBolt app acts as an easy reminder to get in a quick stretch or even a no-sweat exercise video.

23. Avoid smudges and fingerprints on your screen by wrapping it with clear plastic wrap.

Beautifully Contained

24. Keep your desk drawers organized by reusing old cereal boxes.

I Heart Organizing

25. Understand your daily habits and what’s holding you back from being more productive by downloading Rescue Time.

Do you have an life-saving office hack you’d like to share? Post in the comments below!

About Ilya Pozin:
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