Mental Obesity: David Ryan Polgar at TEDxSpringfield

Are we mentally obese? David Ryan Polgar, a writer (columnist and author of Wisdom in the Age of Twitter), attorney, and college professor explores this provocative question with an insightful and humorous food analogy. Arguing that it’s not just our physical bodies that are increasingly become obese, Polgar proposes a Mental Food Plate to offer a simple, holistic solution.

Discussing the various ways that our modern culture and media consumption have altered our ability to have a diverse range of quality thoughts, Polgar advocates for a paradigm shift in how we view the topic. Similar to the diet and exercise industries that serve as a counterbalance to our overconsumption of food, he foresees our overconsumption of information leading to a massive growth in industries serving mental diet and exercise. Hot topics such as digital diets and distraction blocking software are just one part of the equation that also includes tools for mental assessment and brain exercise. The end goal is to create a daily mental intake that allows for more reflection and deeper levels of thought needed for innovation.

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