Pan Seared Tilapia with Kale

3.20.14 SD1

By Jessica Gomes 

Hello everyone. Unfortunately after being down and out with the stomach flu, I finally managed to get myself back into the kitchen for dinner. I wanted to prepare something light and quick so hopefully this is an option that seems fit for many of you. My first step as always, have all of your items available in reach!

3.20.14 SD3 3.20.14 SD2

This duo is pretty quick to prepare so you can actually work on them simultaneously if you’d like. Go ahead and start heating up two sauté pans at a medium high, both drizzled with about 1 TB of extra virgin olive oil plus 1 TB of unsalted butter each.  If you are serving for 2 people, you can start off with one sweet onion while your oils are heating up. We love onions with our dishes so I cut my onion in half. One half of the onion will be cut for a full “ring” effect  for the fish while the remaining half onion will be diced for the kale. I also like to add diced red peppers for a bit of flavor to my kale so that is up next. Once your kale pan is heated up nicely, you can throw in both your diced onions and red pepper until it is translucent and soft (about 5 minutes or so). You can also add your ring onions into the fish pan for the same effect and why not throw in some bella mushrooms.

3.20.14 SD5 3.20.14 SD4

You can use any type of white fish for this menu besides Tilapia such as Sea Bass, Whiting, Catfish or Mahi Mahi. The first step is to pat dry your fish – always! Next you can season it up to your tasting. My preference includes season salt, pepper, Adobe seasoning, cayenne red pepper, Cajun seasoning and garlic powder. After seasoning both sides, next step is to press your fish into some all purpose flour to lightly coat.

If your onions and red peppers are cooked nicely for your kale, now is a great time to add minced garlic, stirring for about 1 minute and then you can add your chopped kale along with your seasonings: salt, ground pepper, red pepper flakes, a dash of sugar, a splash of apple cider vinegar and about 1 TB of butter – butter makes everything better. After sautéing a bit, then add about a half cup to a cup of chicken broth and cover your pan for about 10-12 minutes.

3.20.14 SD6

Meanwhile, remove the onions from your fish pan and slowly add your fish to the pan, cooking each side for about 4 minutes or so. Make sure you only turn your fish over once. There’s nothing like breaking up a beautiful golden filet of fish, shattering your dreams and Instagram picture presentations.  Another simple rule of thumb, do not overcrowd the fish and use non-stick pans if possible. Just trust me on this.  Once the fish is almost cooked, lower your heat to a simmer and add your onions back in along with some GOYA dry white cooking wine and sherry red wine vinegar. It gives a great taste to this fish.

3.20.14 SD7

Overall this dish takes about 15 minutes in prep time and only about 15 minutes cooking time. That’s a deliciosa meal in 30 minutes! This fish goes great with any veggies: green beans, grilled squash and zucchini or even with rice or quinoa. This heats up great as well so make sure you make enough for leftovers! You can also leave these dishes covered at a low heat so that your meal will still be warm while you finish settling in from work.

Tonight I learned that you do not necessarily need to overfill your plate to enjoy your dinner. If you cut your filets in half in advance, that helps you from overeating which tends to be a problem for me. If you’re looking for more ideas of weeknight, weekend or party dishes, feel free to visit to my Instagram account or hastag #simplydeliciosa. Leave any feedback comments or if you have a main ingredient but you want to know a great way to cook it, please leave a comment.

3.20.14 SD1

Now time to enjoy!

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