Indiegogo – After Your Campaign

7.24.14 Indiegogo

Story provided by Indiegogo – 

Make your audience happy with strong follow-through.

1. Fulfill perks and promises

You must fulfill your perks if:

  • You chose Flexible Funding and you received one or more contributions in exchange for perks;
  • You chose Fixed Funding and you met your funding goal.

You do not have to fulfill your perks if:

  • You chose Fixed Funding and you did not meet your funding goal.

Working on fulfilling your perks? Use the interactive Contributions Tab in your dashboard to track which perks you have and have not fulfilled.

If you need specific information from a contributor to fulfill their perks (a size or color preference, for example), reach out to them directly.


2. Collect your money

When your campaign is over, Indiegogo can disburse your funds through one of three methods: PayPal, ACH or wire transfer to your bank, or FirstGiving. For credit cards and FirstGiving, you won’t receive your money for at least two weeks after your campaign is over, so plan accordingly.

When and how your funds are disbursed depends on how your campaign receives contributions.

  • All contributions received through PayPal will be sent to your PayPal account.
  • All contributions you receive via credit card will be sent to your bank account.
  • All contributions received through FirstGiving will be disbursed directly to the linked 501(c)(3) organization

Learn more about receiving your funds from Indiegogo.

3. Continue marketing

MarketingYour campaign page is a great marketing tool after your campaign has ended, as it will likely continue receiving visitors. New people will discover your page through web searches or theExplore pages of Indiegogo. If you’ve received press attention, news articles will still link to your page.

Think about what you’d like these newcomers to do and edit your campaign page to encourage this behavior. Do you want them to continue on to your new webpage? Add a big button that links to the new page.

4. Continue updating

Promote a sense of community and keep your contributors happy by continuing to send updates regularly. If there have been changes to your project or your ability to fulfill your perks, communicate with your contributors immediately. People tend to be forgiving when they are kept in the loop.

For campaigns with many contributors:

In the Contributions Tab of your dashboard, export a CSV file of your contributors’ information and set up a “Mail Merge” to quickly send emails to all of your contributors.

5. Continue campaigning

Now that you’ve finished your campaign, consider running another. We’ve seen a number of very successful repeat crowdfunders. The contributors from your original campaign are a fantastic audience to reach out to when you’re starting your next.

Think creatively about how you can encourage your previous campaign’s contributors to support another project. Special perks or other incentives are a nice way to acknowledge them and continue to strengthen your relationship.

You can also show your gratitude to the Indiegogo community by paying it forward. Contribute to other campaigns to help out fellow crowdfunders. Use Meetup groups or Indiegogo comments to connect with new campaigners. Give feedback and share what you’ve learned. Write blog posts or articles with your own pro tips and advice.

We love having skilled crowdfunders as active members of our Indiegogo community.

Wishing you all the best, and happy funding!

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