“Happy Hump Day”


Story written by Silas Grant –

Happy “Hump Day”. Or if you’re reading this on another weekday, happy “2 days or 1 day before or after hump day”. “Hump Day” as we know it, tends to be a symbolic point in the week that pushes us closer to the weekend. And in my last original entry, I talked about society’s calendar being forced upon us. Within that entry, I also talked about breaking the cycle of being addicted to society’s calendar. And it seems that the more we embrace the idea of a “Hump Day”, the more we are entangled with that calendar structure.

So what are we getting over the hump of? Most of us are getting over the hump of that particular week. Does that preoccupation with getting the week over leave us with any time or energy to focus on the long term? I wouldn’t think so. For me, the worst thing about “Hump Day” is that when I embrace that day as such I feel that I’m implying that this week is all that matters. A deeper implication could be that I’m not thinking beyond the next weekend. Only to have that end quickly and I’m back in the endless cycle again.

I won’t bore you with details on my thoughts about “Hump Day”. But, what I will do is offer an alternative. Maybe we should still “celebrate” “Hump Day”. But let’s change how we celebrate it. Instead of getting over the hump in the week. Let’s take Wednesdays and get over the long-term humps that stand in the way in our lives. I’ll share some of my humps:

Phone calls/emails/texts:

Make a list of calls, emails, and texts that you have to return that you absolutely don’t want to return…… and return them. Those calls may be difficult because you owe someone something that you haven’t completed, the person is absolutely annoying, or you need something from them and you’re afraid to ask. No matter the scenario, you need to get these communications out of the way. I’ve learned one thing recently: not all things that happen abruptly and out of nowhere are bad. Some good things are waiting for you and they will happen abruptly sometimes. And you can’t enjoy good favor if you’re hiding or ducking people. Random, unknown phone numbers calling you could be packaged with a blessing in disguise. Screening calls, checking invite lists, and other things that we do to avoid awkward interactions as a result of not returning a communication will stand in your way. Plus, you’ll feel better and free yourself mentally when you just simply get it over with.


It’s simple: balance your checkbook and receipts…every day. Go to the gym… just make the time. Write your thoughts down. All of the simple stuff… em. Just like returning the calls, when you do the daily tasks, you feel better. And it takes time to get stuff done. But that doesn’t mean it will take as long as you think.

The stuff that won’t get done by itself (Long-term goals):

There are some items that we need to address that aren’t really difficult or done on the daily. But they are just things that we’ve been thinking about doing and we simply haven’t done them. Whether it’s researching a topic that you need to no more about, finding a contractor to do some work on your home, or coming up with a solid plan for a project that you’re working on…. it’s not gonna get done by itself. The items that need you and your full attention to get done….get em done. These are the items that will take you beyond the day-to-day and week-to-week struggle of getting over the Wednesday hump. These are the long-term goals that you have in your mind that you need to get on paper and into action. Remember, the focus is to take on a long-term mindset. The irony in “Hump Day” is that the weeks fly by. And before you know it, you’re six months into a year or two decades into a job or career that still has you waiting for Wednesday and then Friday at 5 pm.


Getting over the hump doesn’t have to be totally about returning phone calls and getting your life together and finally going to the gym. If you have ideas that you want to pursue, why not pursue them? It’s your life. You have something on your mind that is fun and creative, give life to it. Get over your personal hump by putting more of your energy in something that will be a source of gratification for you. Let that idea blossom and reaffirm your purpose in life. Leave the X’n of dates on a calendar to those that are imprisoned. Don’t count the days anymore. Count the opportunities that you have to get your ideas into the world.


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