"How Should I Introduce You?"

“How Should I Introduce You?” – Kendra Jordan and Tinea Porter

“How Should I Introduce You?” is where I formally introduce two people who don’t know one another. My purpose is to leverage my relationships to create connections between people who I believe should meet. There are no obligations or strings attached. 2020 has been a year where I am becoming more intentional about my impact on the tribes and communities that I belong to. We as people often choose to network to meet new people. I want the people that I know to also know one another. This is my way of activating and turning on the “power” switch of my network.

In this first installment, I introduced Kendra Jordan and Tinea Porter. Ahead of our conversation, I asked each participant to tell me how I should introduce them. This is important because even when we know one another, as friends, we can sometimes introduce people in ways that they do not want to be introduced. Here is what each participant offered as their introduction:

Tinea Porter: 

– creative

– dreamer 

– finisher 

– entrepreneur 

Kendra Jordan: 

⁃A writer

⁃A filmmaker

⁃A visionary


This conversation was between two creatives who talked about transparency, freedom, and being the truest form of yourself. Kendra and Tinea both have great spirits and connected immediately. I was happy with the outcome of the conversation. I hope you all enjoy it!

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