“Linsanity” the Movie


Evan Jackson Leong found out about Jeremy Lin through some random research. An Asian Harvard Student on the school’s basketball team certainly stood out. That scenario stood out so much that Leong and his team decided to attempt to document Lin’s life. After several rejections, Leong and his team continued to pursue Lin in hopes of him agreeing to be documented.

Lin finally agreed. The team filmed his trek through the NBA. From being cut to being signed. From riding the bench and sleeping on a teammate’s couch to becoming a star with the NY Knicks and later with the Houston Rockets.

I found this venture to be very interesting. To create staying power in professional sports and to create marketing opportunties for yourself, you may have to take things into your own hands. Damian Lilliard of the Portland Trailblazers has also taken it upon himself to document his trek through the league. Social media and self-promotion may become a new outlet for players on the fence to take their chances to the next level.

The production team is raising money through Kickstarter to get the documentary completed. To see the preview, click here

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