Inside The Pivot – The Story Of Finding The Answer To The One Question Every Startup CEO Should Ask

2.1.13 Picture Healing



The image above is a screenshot from the PictureHealing website. The app is designed to develop community awareness and support through photo sharing on iPhones. The app is angled toward non-profits and helping their efforts to get their missions out to the masses. It’s a very noble idea. But is it solving a problem? How viable is the idea?

, a co-founder in this venture, serves as a guest contributor to IdeaMensch. In this appearance, he writes about “The Pivot”. It can be described as a moment or the moments when you have to stop and realign your thoughts and the direction that the idea is taking you in. Sometimes, you have to stop, start again, stop and start again. It can be draining and it can consume your time. But, sometimes it’s necessary to get to the core of the idea. To read what Christopher has to say on this process, click here.



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