The 20 Best Latin Phrases For Business Leaders

8.8.13 Latin Terms

Bringing out a good Latin phrase in a discussion is like brining a gun to a knife fight.  It gets people’s attention. But if you are quoting Lucretius at the start of every meeting “nil igitur mors est ad nos” (Death, therefore, is nothing to us) you will sound like an absolute tool. Even if you are already using a few of these, chances are that you are using some wrong in the first place. Therefore, learn these phrases and use them effectively – and in the right context – to reinforce your ideas, amaze your friends, and verbally stun your detractors. To read more, click here.

Tags: Ad Hominem, Bona Fide, Caveat Emptor / Venditor / Actor (Buyer Seller Doer), Eo Ipso (similar to ‘Ipso Facto’), Ergo Procter Hoc, Exempli Gratia (e.g.) vs. Id Est (i.e), Ibidem (ibid.), In Camera, Latin Terms, Latin Terms in Business, Lorem Ipsum, Lucretius, Ne Plus Ultra, Pari Passu, Per Se, Post Hoc, Potest Solum Unum, Pro Rata, Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D.), Sanctum Sanctorum, Sine Qua Non, Stet, Sub Rosa, Vox Pop. Bookmark the permalink.

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