"How Should I Introduce You?"

“How Should I Introduce You?” Silas Grant

This installment is about me….how would I introduce myself to others. It hit me recently: “I never introduced myself to the viewers…” So here we go. This installment allows me to explain the concept, my vision for it, and other things I’m working on.

I’m big on consideration; which means I’m often concerned about others. I’m developing my life for it to be less about who I am and more about who I’ve been. Relationships matter, but so do results. I love connecting people. I love seeing the development of people. I’m very opinionated but not argumentative at all. People always tell me that I have great ideas. A big goal is to develop teams to execute on big ideas. By all means, I am a work in progress making sure that I keep the progress. I’m a husband, father, friend, but as I said before…. everything that I say I am has to be reflected in what I’ve been.

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