"How Should I Introduce You?"

“How Should I Introduce You?” Bill Walker and Jeremy Carry

Bill Walker

The legendary trainer, Instructor and motivational conductor heard the calling of teaching the art of strength and fitness years after his own journey with fitness and battle tremendous adversity. 

In 2008, Bill Walker was stricken with a cancerous tumor that eventually led to the partial amputation of his right foot in September of that year after several previous surgeries. Severely overweight, he started working out on Wednesday March 31st 2010.  Starting at about 309, Bill later lost 122 lbs in two years and two and a half months through disciplined strength training, and diet through friendships he had built along his path. -In 2015, Bill became certified through NASM- the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and started working as a coach with DCPS. He has taught the youth, faculty, and DCPS alumni in the art of strength.

He’s also worked with DCPS athletes at Ballou High School.  -In 2016, Bill became a Health and Fitness Writer at CITLR -Bill also works with Black Girls Lift, the mighty and powerful organization to uplift Black women and other women of color promoting strength and health.

Bill has appeared on Fox 5 to spread the word about fitness, and determination using his life as a cancer survivor and amputee to show the world that it is possible to overcome obstacles.  – Currently, throughout the middle of the apocalyptic pandemic, Bill Walker still trains in person, sometimes virtually, and is currently studying as a massage practitioner.

Jeremy Carry

Self-taught farmer, Jeremy Carry, aka “Veggie Promo,” aims to inspire his community through urban farming and fellowship. Jeremy educated himself watching YouTube videos and studying various farmers around the world. Through trial and error, he implemented what he learned in his backyard farm as well as several shared plot communities across the Metropolitan area. Jeremy studied culinary arts and uses his homegrown produce to make unique healthy recipes enjoyed by friends and family. 

Jeremy’s gardening hobby and culinary expertise have become a passion and a lifelong mission where he wants to make delicious and organic food accessible to everyone, everywhere. He is especially interested in developing a strong focus on youth and farming educational programs, to regulate healthy habits and arm communities with survival skills through agriculture.

This conversation covered overcoming cancer, the benefits of reading, ridding ourselves of being enslaved to money, and the ability to survive in trying times. I hope you all enjoy the convo!

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