“They’ve Got an App For That”

1.9.13 app 2

Have you ever wanted to create your own app? OOOMF allows you to create a workshop for your own app. The site gives you a structure for the process involved in making it happen. The process is below (on the site, there are fields where you can enter the appropriate responses to each section):

  1. Problem and Solution
  2. Describe Your Idea
  3. Enter App Details
  4. Create a Website
  1. Create an icon
  2. Get Social
  3. Sketch Screenshots
  4. Create Final Screenshot Designs
  1. Create a demo video
  2. Write your press release
  3. Prepare the rest of your press kit
  4. Target press leads
  5. Pitching the press
  6. Prepare App Store submission
  7. Finalization before Apple Submission
Launch Day
  1. Update with your App Store URL
  2. Post your launch on Reddit
  3. Post your launch on HackerNews
  4. Find more customers

Go to the site and sign up: OOOMF

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