Richard Turere (age 13): My Invention That Outsmarted Lions

In Kenya, citizens had a few problems that needed to be solved. First and foremost, the livelihood of their cattle was in danger due to lions attacking the cattle for food purposes. Secondly, as a result of the attacks, ranch owners would respond by killing the lions. This brought about a major decrease in cattle as well as lions. The ecosystem has been endangered ever since.

Richard Turere, a 13 year farm hand for his family, made a remarkable discovery. He learned that lions are afraid of moving lights. At night when his family is at rest, he set up a moving light system to scare off the lions. This solved two problems. First it preserved the cattle. Secondly, it preserves the lions. Because of this discovery and system implementation, many farm owners in Kenya are using this moving light system. Richard received a scholarship to attend the Brookhouse International School, which is one of the most affluent schools in his homeland. Watch the video above and to read more, click here.

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