RFID Sidewalks Could Help The Blind Find Their Way Around

4.28.14 Blind Guider

Story provided PSFK – 

Tactile designs are one way to assist the blind, but a new system called Blind Guider, would also make use of RFID-embedded street tiles to help people navigate the city streets. Each of the yellow intersection markers would contain information about specific street names, and local directions, which a sensor-enabled cane would transmit to a bluetooth earpiece.

Designed by Jang Cheng, Hui-Chuan Ma, Chih-Hao Wang and Yin-Kai Li, the team proposed thecreation of three types of pavement pads. A lined tile would be used when used to indicate that the road should be followed straight ahead, one that resembles a lego brick, would be used to indicate an intersection, and a descending arrow tile would be embedded with the street names for easy access.

For a visual representation of the idea, check out the pictures below.

4.28.14 Blind Guider 2

4.28.14 Blind Guider 3

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